Nova Scotia Legislature Resolution 3135


We are very proud of the recognition provided to the Society through Resolution 3135 introduced to the House

on April 14, 2016 by the Honourable Andrew Younger (Dartmouth East)

“I hereby give notice that on a future day I shall move the adoption of the following resolution:

Whereas the Crosswalk Safety Society of Nova Scotia has been installing bright orange flags at marked intersections for walkers to use to enhance their safety; and

Whereas crosswalk flag installations are currently in the Halifax Regional Municipality, Port Williams, Hantsport, Windsor, Berwick, Aylesford, Chester, New Ross, and Hubbards; and

Whereas the 100th set of crosswalk flags was installed on Rocky Lake Drive in Bedford on Wednesday, March 23, 2016;

Therefore be it resolved that members of this House of Assembly join me in congratulating President Norm Collins and the members of the Crosswalk Safety Society of Nova Scotia for their important role in our communities”

Other testimonials

“I see you are making progress. Well done. I find even when there is no one in the crosswalk, the flags on either side stand out, making me very aware of the fact that a crosswalk is there.”     Mike Casey

“GREAT WORK!”      Tina Chaulk (mother of teenager killed in a crosswalk collision)

“Thanks to … hard working Volunteers who had to fight HRM to bring this fact home.”     Sandy Bryon

“Great news.  Well done.  Congrats.”     Deputy Mayor Matt Whitman

“Congratulations - your stats are pretty impressive!   I have observed the increasing prevalence of flags and also observed that they do get one's attention.  I suspect they are most valuable in those 4 lane situations that I think are the most problematic type of crosswalks.”     Phil Pothier

"This is a very compelling report, you must be feeling pretty good and deservedly so. Congrats!”     Gerry Post

"Crosswalk flags have been appearing in many locations around HRM.  As a frequent driver I have noticed my own driving awareness to have greatly improved around crosswalks that bear the crosswalk flags.  Even when they are not in use they are eye catching and eye level which makes them instantly recognizable as a crosswalk and improves my attention to the area.  I have found them much more effective than the very high crosswalk lighting systems that often distract drivers more than alert them to a pedestrian.”     Matt Bishop

 “Thank you, again, for all you do.”     Councillor Stephen Adams

“… thank you for championing this cause in the city.”     Samantha Saunders

“I picked up your booklet on crosswalks at Alderney Landing, and good job.  I've wanted something like that for a long time."     Taiya Barss

“We would like to thank you for installing crosswalk flags at the intersection of Victoria Road and Cherry Drive in Dartmouth.  We live in the area and the presence/use of the flags has resulted in drivers yielding to pedestrians in the crosswalk much more promptly than they did before."     Andrew and Cathryn Bonnell 

Excellent .... I have been saying for years that overhead lights for crosswalks could not provide a measure of safety for pedestrians since these lights are so far out of a driver's normal view plane. These flags are a bullseye in a vehicle operators view plane. Excellent !!!!    Sean Dacey

“A few of my neighbours have mentioned that the flags are a great addition to our neighbourhood!” 
Tim Vassallo re crosswalk flag installation at Thistle and Slayter Streets, Dartmouth